Updated: December 2023.

3S Painting Accessibility Statement

At 3S Painting, we are committed to making our services accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. We understand everyone has the right to live with dignity, equality, comfort, and independence. This is why we have made significant efforts to ensure our website,, is user-friendly and accessible.

Our website features UserWay's Web Accessibility Widget powered by a dedicated accessibility server. This innovative software allows us to improve our compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1), ensuring our site is as accessible and easy to navigate as possible.

To enable the accessibility menu on our website, click on the accessibility menu icon in the corner of the page. After triggering the menu, please wait for it to load fully. This menu provides various options to customize the website's interface, making it more accessible based on your needs.

At 3S Painting, we constantly strive to improve the accessibility of our site and services. We believe our collective moral obligation is to provide a seamless, accessible, and unhindered user experience for everyone, including those with disabilities.

We regularly scan with UserWay's Accessibility Scanner to identify and fix possible accessibility barriers. Our ongoing efforts aim to improve and remediate accessibility issues to ensure our site meets the strictest accessibility standards.

However, we acknowledge that some content may not yet be fully adapted to these standards due to technological limitations. We encourage you to contact our team during regular business hours if you need help accessing any part of our website or require assistance.

You can reach us at, and we will be more than happy to assist you. Your feedback is invaluable to our mission to serve all customers equally and make our services more inclusive.

3S Painting is a full-service painting company based in Columbus, Ohio. We offer various services, including residential and commercial painting, color consulting, and more. We are proud to deliver our clients superior customer service and professional workmanship.

Our physical address is 1631 Ferris Road, Columbus, Ohio 43224. You can also reach us at 614-427-8904 for any inquiries. We appreciate your support and understanding as we continue to make our services more accessible to all.

Thank you for choosing 3S Painting. We look forward to serving you.

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