Exterior Painting

There is More to Exterior Painting Than Meets the Eye

Repainting your home or business can be a tricky project. Knowing when to paint as well as the right procedure and equipment takes a high level of trust in the right company. 3S Painting is familiar with every aspect and we’ve crossed every hurdle — big and small — you can think of. We understand this can be a difficult decision time. Let us guide you through the process.

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At the same time you’re painting, it is always advisable to freshly stain your fencing and decks so your home looks totally updated — especially if you’re planning to place it on the market. 3S Painting knows the best color and procedures for sanding and staining decks and fences for the spring season to make the tone look just right. This is not always easy. Privacy fences are especially welcome around pools and gardens in upscale condo and high-end neighborhoods.

And power washing can remove years of residue and debris off the side of homes and commercial buildings to make them look new. Power washing should be done by a hired professional team. The equipment 3S Painting uses is powerful and industrial-level, and our team has been trained to do this effectively with the right amount of pressure for your specific needs. Whether it be a deck or aluminum siding, wood, masonry, stucco or stone, it is best to have the work evaluated prior to attempting to power wash on your own.

Exterior services we offer include:

Color consultation
Exterior wood trim and siding
Staining fences and decks
Power washing


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